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Selling mineral rights? We are America’s premier oil and gas marketplace. Our Buy Mineral Rights page is viewed by reputable buyers nationwide, everyday! We have no buyer affiliations and thus can be truly objective when helping you decide which buyer is offering you the best deal. Sell Mineral Rights through us and we will help ensure you receive a fair price.

Have questions? We are happy to answer questions even if you are not selling. We’ve answered hundreds of questions from our visitors and have published them on our FAQ page. You can ask your own question there, or just browse through our answers to previous questions.

Our goal is to keep mineral owners informed, and to help those who are selling receive a fair price for their mineral rights. If you want to sell your mineral rights, you can list them for sale for free on our Sell Mineral Rights page. We are mineral owners ourselves and have been managing mineral rights in Oklahoma since 1981. Feel free to read more About Us!