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About Us

The Mineral Hub concept originated years ago as a way to give mineral owners better access to reputable oil and gas buyers, and to provide helpful information to those who owned or managed mineral rights. It was the very first site of its kind, and is still relied upon by mineral owners nationwide.

There are other so-called “listing” sites on the Internet that have attempted to copy our business model, though many of them are run by people who are simply trying to find mineral rights to buy for their own accounts rather than actually helping anyone, and thus any offers you receive from them will likely be an attempt to get your minerals on the cheap! We are not affiliated with any buyer. Any offers we present to you will be based on true market value.

Some other sites claim to have hundreds, or even thousands of “qualified” buyers in their stable. We find this very interesting, and misleading, as we ourselves are often spammed by these sites with ads for their mineral listings, even though we never signed up or asked to be one of their “qualified buyers”.

We have earned a great reputation with both buyers and sellers by dealing honestly with everyone and hope you will agree to list your mineral rights for sale with us! It’s free to list, and the buyers pay our commissions directly at closing and the offers we present to our sellers are never reduced in order to cover our commission.

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