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If you have oil and gas mineral rights you’d like to sell, this is the page to list them on. Simply fill out the form below, check the box at the bottom of the page indicating your acceptance of our listing agreement and then click the “Submit” button. We will then create a listing that will appear on our Buy Mineral Rights page.  If you have ANY problems posting your listing or just wonder if it has posted please Contact Us or call or text 580-309-1120 and we will be happy to help!

Posting a listing on the Mineral Hub is free for sellers. The buyer will pay us a commission at closing. You will never be required to pay us any fee or commission, and the purchase price you accept will never be reduced in order to cover our commission.

If we present an offer to you that doesn’t meet your expectations then you can simply refuse it and we will keep looking and attempt to find one you are happy with.

If you have any questions either prior to submitting your listing or after feel free to call us at 580-309-1120 or use our Contact Us form. Leave the “listing number” field blank on the form unless contacting us about one of our existing listings.

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