WHAT’S CHANGED? On April 18 the listing was updated to reflect that only two of the original three siblings are selling, and that they are selling only their well bore interest in the three wells shown on the royalty checks below. They decided to keep their possible interest in two more recently completed well bores until they find out for sure whether they will even be in pay for them. For now, please see the check stub below for the three well bores they DO want to sell their interest in and are taking offers on. The paragraph below has also been updated to reflect this new information.

NPRI check dated February, 2019 from one of the two owners selling was $346.57 total, with a good portion of that being adjustments for previous months. We estimate each owner is netting about $100/month total from the three wells based on this check (averaging the income for Nov. Dec. and Jan. only equals about $100). You can view the check stub here: MH 2019 February NPRI Check Stub. Multiply check amounts by two to arrive at total income for the two owners in February. SOURCE DEED for this NPRI can be viewed by clicking the following link. Our sellers are the children of ONE of the grantors shown. 1981 Source WD with Reservation

Map of general area where property is (green dot marks approximate property location) can be seen here: Location Map. Map includes current permit locations and rig locations in general area. Map data provided by and used with permission from DrillingInfo.

Property Number

LaSalle County, TX

Legal Description

NPRI in 240 acres of land H. & G. N. R. R. Co., Survey 143, A-269.


La Salle



Net Acreage



Make offer (minimum $7200 for each of the two owners)

Interest Owned






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