The list below shows the various tracts containing owner’s mineral rights and net acreage believed to be owned. We have source conveyances for most of these already, though buyer is responsible for verifying net acres and hbp/lease status to their satisfaction prior to closing. Some of these are leased, one or two tracts may be producing. Owner will assist and provide any additional information (check stubs, leases etc.) he has readily available for any tract and will be happy to speak directly with potential buyers if needed. Owner would prefer to sell all as a package but will consider dividing. If interested in any or all of these tracts please let us know.

Below map link shows where rigs are currently drilling in the general area. Data provided by and used with permission from DrillingInfo:

Current Rig Locations

Sterling County, TX
Section 24, Block 12, S&P RR Survey, Abstract 750
Section 137, Block 2 H&TC Ry Survey, Abstract 139
Section 249, Block 2 H&TC Ry Survey Abstract 652
20 nma @ $2200/acre = $44,000

SE/4 of Section 25, Block A-43, PSL Survey
~1 nma @ $400/acre = $400

Lynn County, TX
144.60 Acres of land more or less, being described as the NW/4 of Section 395, Block 5, A-96, TT&RR County Survey, Lynn County, Texas, being more described as metes and bounds recorded in Volume 189, Page 580 of the official records of Lynn County Texas.
144 nma @ $1200/acre = $172,800

Jefferson Davis County, TX
Sec 21 G 24 AJ Tucker Survey Lot 24 also known by the street address of G25 Section 21 A J Tucker Lot 24 (+- 20.19 acres), Jeff Davis, Texas 79734 and assessor’s schedule or parcel number 144495
10 nma @ $2,200.00/acre = $22,000

Pecos County, TX
Lot 10 out of N/2 of NE/4 Section 43, Block 10 H&GN RR Co. Survey Pecos County, Texas Being (1) lot totaling 5.1 acres =/- AND S2 SW1/4 SW1/4 NW1/4 Section 45 Block 10 H & GN Rwy Co Survey, 5 acres
20 nma @ $5000/acre = $100,000

Terrell County, TX (HBP)
Section 40, Block 2, CCSD & RGRNG RR CO SVY AND Section 41 Block 2, CCSD & RGRNG RR CO SVY
10 nma @ $575/acre = $5750

Section 61, Block M Galveston, Harrisburg, and San Antonio Railroad Company Survey
1 nma @ $600/acre = $600

Total estimated nma: 206 net mineral acres
Total estimated cost: (price is negotiable): $345,550