At least three current wells (probably the King Krunch wells in Smith Township 7-6N-4W). EQT owner decimal and recent check stubs can be viewed HERE. Lease is believed to be 20% royalty. Map links 83 and 84 below show current leasing, permitting, and drilling activity in the area in and around Smith Township in Belmont County (where the HBP minerals are located). Map data provided by and used with permission from DrillingInfo. 

DI Map (83) DI Map (84)

Legal Description

Tax parcel no. 36-00283-00 Belmont County Township Smith RTS 4-6-7 Deed 280/642 Tract Net 30 Tract gross 30 Tract Interest 1%

Tax parcel No. 50-00572.011 County Belmont Township Wheeling RTS 4-8-31 Deed 775/680 Tract Net 6.718 Tract gross 6.718 Tract Interest 1%

Tax Parcel 50-00572.022 County Belmont Township Wheeling RTS 4-8-31 Deed 797/188 Tract Net 3.0 Tract Gross 3.0 Tract Interest 1%



Exhibit A below (from Vol. 494 Page 314) describes owner’s minerals that are currently HBP in Smith Township. 

All of the oil, gas, and other minerals in and under the following land:Situated in the Township of Smith, County of Belmont, and State of Ohio, and known as and being a part of the Northeast Quarter of Section 7, Township 6 and Range 4 and also being the same property conveyed to Wilbur T. and Ila Holliday by deed dated Aug. 21, 1940 and recorded in Vol. 325, Page 276 Belmont County Record of Deeds and more fully described as follows.

Beginning for the same at the Northwest corner of the Northeast Quarter of Section 7. Thence from said beginning point and with the North line of said section East 1078.0 fact to a point in Rocky Fork Road. Thence with said Road, South 56° 19′ West 209,3 feet. Thence South 36° 24′ West 208.6 feet. Thence South 8° 34′ West 138.8 feet. Thence South 1° 30′ East 303.2 feet, Thence South 6° 20′ West 220,3 feet, Thence South 14° 45′ East 111.7. Thence South 35 degrees 45′ East 226.2 feet. Thence South 40 38′ West 357.8 feet. Thence leaving said Road, West 874.71 feet to the West line of said Quarter. Thence with said West line North 1592.19 feet to the place of beginning.

Containing 30.002 acres, more or less. Auditor Parcel I.D. No. 36-00283.000

Property Number

Belmont County, Ohio 3 NMA

Legal Description

7-6N-4W and 31-8N-4W





Net Acreage

~3 NMA


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