Minerals were inherited recently and are owned by decedent’s heirs, who are now in pay status.

10-18N-10W: Hendricks 1 (completed in 1964) and Fox #1 well (completed in 1981). It appears that there are 8.29 NMA owned in this section based on the .0015912 decimal we have on paperwork the owners sent, and assuming 640 spacing and 1/8 royalty (Pre-1970 leases are often 1/8 royalty).

INCOME: Based on only one checkstub we received from the new owners on the Hendricks 1 well, income for May, 2020 gas production was $9.96. No checkstubs available for the Fox 1 well at this time but they should be in pay for that well too as they had an attorney working on the heirship.

13-19N-10W: Star Misener-Hunton Unit. Owners decimal interest in this Unit is believed to be .0006612 based on a division order we were provided. The unit consists of at least several sections, believed to be as follows: Sections 17 (S/2), 18, 19, 20, & 29-T19N-R09W, Kingfisher County and Sections 10 (SE/4), 11, 12 (SW/4), 13, 14, 15 (NE/4 & portion of NE SE), 23 (N/2), & 24 (N/2)-T19N-R10W, Blaine County, OK.

There is also an apparent .0000946 ORRI in the Unit as well, based on a division order from Contango Resources the owners provided us.

INCOME: A check receipt we were provided regarding the new owners interest in the Star Misener-Hunton Unit indicates the previous owner received $158.65 for OIL from January to October of 2020, and $33.51 for about the same period.

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