We have HBP decimal interest info from owner’s son on sections 16, 20, and 28 of 6N-14E of Pittsburg County, OK. Price is $10,000 or make offer. Owner is a senior citizen, whose son is helping her get these sold.

16-6N-14E: Clifton 1-16 (640 well operated by Blue Water Resources). Owner decimal: .00010851. Waiting on check stub from owner.

20-6N-14E: Carmen 3-20H, Carmen 4-29H20, and Carmen 5-29H20 operated by XTO. Owner decimal: .00008138. Waiting on check stub from owner.

28-6N-14E: Recent Kaiser-Francis check stub is included below as well (click link).

2022 October Kaiser-Francis Check Stub 28-6N-14E Pittsburg County, OK

XTO Checkstub can be found in the link below: 

MH XTO Checkstubs

Buyer can make offer on just these three “known” HBP sections, or can run title on the remaining eight (many of which are also HBP) from the list (link below) and then make an offer for the entire package once it’s determined what, if anything, seller owns in the wells in the other sections.

Owner is believed to own 3 and 1/3% of what Reuben Edwin Mitchell and Lula Alsday Hardin Mitchell owned at their deaths in each of the eleven sections listed in the below document (the above three of which the son has check stubs for).

MH Pittsburg County, OK List of Sections Where Mineral Rights Are Owned

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Property Number

Logan County, OK

Legal Description

Various in 6N-14E (see listing)





Net Acreage

See listing


$10,000 or make offer

Interest Owned






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