Why Use Mineral Hub to Sell Mineral Rights?

OUR GOAL at the Mineral Hub is to provide a safe and effective way for entities and private owners selling their mineral rights or royalty interests to gain access to reputable buyers, and to provide those buyers with listings they won’t find anywhere else.

The Mineral Hub has established relationships with, and markets directly to, reputable buyers who buy producing minerals, non-producing minerals, and royalty interests all over the U.S.A. In addition, once a listing is approved and posted on our site it is seen by potentially hundreds more buyers on the Internet.

This exposure, in addition to our direct marketing approach, gives owners the best opportunity to sell their oil and gas mineral rights or royalty interests at a good price, in the shortest amount of time. We also analyze all offers received on our listed properties to help ensure they are fair and are coming from legitimate buyers.

Many listing sites do not provide analysis of any kind, and do not actively market directly to buyers. Some of these “listing” sites are really run by companies who buy minerals, which kind of defeats any objectivity they might claim to have.

We are able to draw significant numbers of oil and gas buyers to our web site because many of our listings are exclusive to the Mineral Hub. In addition, buyers know that they won’t have to deal with several layers of middle men in order to purchase one of our listed properties since we are in direct contact with our owners.

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