Buyers Please Read

Though we strive to verify that all the information contained in our mineral rights listings is accurate, we make no warranty or guarantee regarding the accuracy of said information since much of it is provided to us by our sellers. Buyers are therefore encouraged to do their own due diligence prior to closing in order to verify the information is correct, and confirm the owner has the legal authority to sell.

On listings that include a price, we will add a “sale pending” notice to the property once someone offers the listed price. Sometimes the owners will accept less than the listed price but have agreed to sell for the listed price. On “make offer” listings, we will add “sale pending” to the property once an offer acceptable to the owner is received. Once a sale closes, the sale pending status will change to “sold” and the listing will eventually be removed.

We are not investment advisers nor securities dealers. For investment, tax, or legal advice on oil and gas properties please consult with a licensed professional. Please be aware that we occasionally update the listings when we receive additional information. Users of the Website are encouraged to consult with legal counsel and/or financial advisers as they may deem necessary prior to purchasing any of our listed properties.