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Problematic “Drive-By” Forced Poolings in Oklahoma

First, for those of you not familiar with the phrase “drive-by pooling”, it is used in Oklahoma to describe the scenario in which an oil company applies to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission for a forced-pooling without first fulfilling the requirement of making a...

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Do class action lawsuits really benefit royalty owners?

After receiving yet another very small class action settlement check in the mail the other day, I have decided I will probably be "opting out" of the next class action that comes my way. I would rather not participate at all than be subject to a specious payoff of...

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What are my mineral rights worth?

The price someone would be willing to pay for your mineral rights will vary from buyer-to-buyer, as there are many factors that determine value, and buyers interpret them differently depending on their particular biases for a given area. That said, properties with...

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Why should I sell my mineral rights?

Cash is King. Cash is a sure thing, and by selling, you receive a sure thing and transfer the risk of ownership to the buyer. Since they are in the “risk business” this works well for both parties. Energy prices are volatile and unpredictable, and many people who own...

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What is a “No Deductions Clause”, and Why do I Need One?

At a minimum, a no-deductions clause is supposed to prevent your lessee from deducting the costs they incur in transforming your share of the raw natural gas they bring to the surface into a marketable product. “Marketable” can be defined as “sufficiently free from...

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Division Order Antics by Oil Companies

I don’t know about you, but out here in Oklahoma there are a lot of division orders being sent out to mineral owners for the recently-completed wells that have been drilled in Beckham, Roger Mills, and other nearby counties. I expect the same is true for other areas...

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Understanding The Duhig Rule

The "Duhig" rule was developed to deal with the frequent problem of people accidentally drafting deeds that attempted to convey more property than they actually owned. There was actually a case called Duhig v. Peavy-Moore Lumber Company in 1940 (Texas) which is the...

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Oil and Gas Leasing Tips

THE LEASING PROCESS: An oil and gas lease is essentially a contract between you, the “lessor”, and another party, the “lessee.” In most states a lease is also considered a conveyance, since you are essentially signing over your right-to-drill for and produce your oil...

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How Can I Locate Who Owns the Mineral Rights Under My Land?

If you want to know how to find out who owns the mineral rights under your land, or find out if you do, then the first stop in your quest should probably be the county clerk's office (free) and/or a private abstract office (not free) in the county where your land is...

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