I accepted an offer. What happens next?

Once you accept an offer, the buyer will begin the process of verifying your ownership so that you can be paid. Most of our clients are paid within thirty days, and a fair number are paid within only a week or two after signing their deed.

The verification of your ownership is done at the buyer’s expense, and because of the cost involved some may ask that you sign a short “purchase and sale agreement” before starting the process. Once the buyer is satisfied with your title they will be ready to close, and closing will be on terms that are acceptable to all parties involved, including you, the seller.

Rather than sending a signed mineral deed off to a buyer they don’t know, many of our clients prefer to send us their executed deeds to hold on to until we receive payment from the buyers, and most buyers are agreeable to that as well. Other times our sellers (or buyers) may prefer to use a mutually agreeable third-party such as an attorney to close the deal. Any method is fine with us as long as everyone is happy with it.

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