Garvin and Carter County, Oklahoma

We have estimated the NMA owned based on information provided to us by the owner (the Trustee of a family trust) as well as documents filed of record. The Carter County legal descriptions and net mineral acre figures from one such document can be viewed by clicking the link below:

MH Exhibit A Carter County, OK Legal Descriptions and NMA

The below “NMA and Status List” link contains Mineral Hub “status notes” (HBP, Well Spacing, Production Amounts, Leased, Open of Record etc.) on the tracts in both Carter and Garvin counties. Items in red indicate open acreage, items in green indicate HBP acreage. Our notes were compiled using basic online research and other info (check stubs, division orders etc) provided to us by the Trustee. We will send out copies of these documents if requested. 

MH NMA and Status List

Please note: We have NOT run title on these tracts. BUYERS SHOULD DO THEIR OWN DUE DILIGENCE PRIOR TO CLOSING to satisfy themselves as to ownership, net acres, HBP status etc. We are in contact with the Trustee directly.

Property Number

Carter and Garvin County, Oklahoma

Legal Description

See listing (various legal descriptions)


Garvin and Carter



Net Acreage

~ 93.85


Make offer (SOLD)

Interest Owned



Yes (some tracts)


Yes (some tracts)

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